Opportunity: SEO Specialist

Ready to help change the SEO industry while learning to be the best in the field? Learn more about the opportunity below. 

About You
You bring positivity and do what you say you’re going to do. You’re a strong writer and communicator. You have existing experience with customer communication and are willing to further hone your communication and presentation skills. 

Your Role
Our services are organized into three core projects based on customer SEO maturity. Each project has a specific workflow and set of templates to complete. The Project Lead will oversee the completion of the project by making sure everything is done properly while keeping the customer in the loop. The SEO Specialist supports the Project Lead by setting up project templates, completing optimization requirements, communicating with customers, scheduling meetings, and completing various portions of our SEO-specific projects.

The SEO Specialist may also be responsible for making changes to customer websites by pasting recommended metadata and content updates to customer CMS platforms.


  • Set up templates / decks

  • Set up new customer folders

  • Configure reporting tools

  • Create reports

  • Make changes to customer websites

  • Research and organize keywords

  • Write metadata

  • Implement website changes

  • Manage link building campaigns

  • Review backlink opportunities

  • Audit content and pages for proper optimization

  • Optimize content / make content updates

  • Participate in product brainstorms and learning events

Skills / Qualifications
We think the ideal candidate will have at least 1 year of experience managing SEO projects independently. You’ll hit the ground running if you’re already familiar with digital collaboration tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets and can consistently follow directions for setting up templates and reports in these platforms. These tasks require a detail oriented person who can check their own work. Must have very strong skills in writing and communication. 

The role will sometimes require that you have basic familiarity with various CMS tools in order to update standard SEO elements like page title and meta description. Common CMS platforms include WordPress, Sitecore, Shopify, and Drupal. Most of this can be learned by Googling around or with YouTube instructions. This is not a developer role and custom development skills are not required.

We aim to invest in this new resource. By supporting the Project Lead, we hope that you will become familiar enough with the way we do things that you can take more and more responsibility over time and eventually develop the confidence and skill to lead your own projects. We will begin by training you on how we work, our systems and services at a high level, and then we will train you on the different parts of each of our core SEO solutions. Over time, opportunities will be given to interface directly with customers and present reports. Growth to a Project Lead will be dependent on work available to justify the position, but you will have some influence on retaining and growing customers with the work you do. 

Presently we are a team of contractors. We aim to pay at or above market rates to make sure you can manage the responsibility of healthcare and taxes. This is only because we are new and thus far it has worked for everyone. We are open to this being a part time / contractor relationship but we also have work and budget for full time work if that feels like the right relationship for both parties over time. 

Fees are negotiable and will be based on experience and fit. We don’t know exactly what’s out there or who we’re looking for, so we don’t want to limit the search to a specific salary range. We are open to hiring for a more junior position to grow into an SEO Strategist for the candidate with the right attitude and cultural fit. Once agreed upon, resources are paid twice per month via ACH deposit.

Time Off / Work Life Balance
We aren’t so structured as to stipulate # days of the year for vacation or track PTO. We believe in a healthy work life balance and will grant freedoms to resources who give ample notice of time away and make sure they can fulfill promises already made. 

About Us
Tangible Value is a decentralized (we work remote) SEO (mostly) company with a focus on promise keeping. Our mission is to elevate the SEO industry with a proven SEO methodology and honest, transparent business practices. We are growing and seeking a bench of capable resources who align with our values prior to stepping up our marketing activities.

Sound good?

Please fill out the intake form linked below to be considered. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete.